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Jeff Brown is a high-technology executive with 25 years of experience. And that’s helped make him successful at identifying tech companies that are well-positioned for exponential growth. As an active angel investor in early-stage technology companies, he has access to information the public never sees. He is on the front line, in the field, seeing things months, if not years, before the mass market becomes aware.

Jeff Brown received a BS degree (Bachelor of Science) in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from the prestigious Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Looking for solid and trusted investment advice amongst all the noise due to COVID 19 related shutdowns? Jeff Brown is just who you've been looking for. Jeff claims with the new economy post-COVID-19 and the new Biden administration, there will be tech trends never before seen, and new tech companies to invest in which could be your secret to not just a better retirement, but a better lifestyle.

Jeff Brown’s Research Services

  • The Near Future Report

    The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying: not the trends of the next five years… not the trends of the next decade…but the trends in tech stocks in the next 6-18 months.
  • The Bleeding Edge

    The Bleeding Edge is the only free newsletter that features tech investing expert, Jeff Brown.
  • Exponential Tech Investor

    Exponential Tech Investor is an investment advisory service focused on identifying small- and micro-cap technology companies, written by Brown himself, widely known as a top investment analyst. Investments with the potential of earning a million dollars plus.

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  • Twitter - The official Jeff Brown Twitter account.

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What Others Say

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Is The Great Bitcoin Meltdown Coming?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jeff Brown's number one biotech stock?

This information is provided in Brown's Near Future Report, which is paid access (we are members and our investments have seen a substantial increase).

It would be a lack of integrity on our part to disclose the information on a public forum, but we can state that we, ourselves, made the investment with his announcement, and we have profited (on paper) heavily from his advice to buy.

Who is investing in this company? Big names. Respected names. The likes of Warren Buffett and Elon Musk just to name two.

Update: We have "cashed out" several times, have not only received back our initial investment but a healthy profit as well. However, we still have a solid investment in terms of the percentage of our overall portfolio. Everything from here on out is profit.

Is Jeff Brown credible?

With all of the financial gurus touting their ability to predict the hot stocks in the tech and bio space, it has been Jeff Brown that has been most consistent in picking winners for us.

His tech industry experience has allowed for his stock recommendations to have been solid.

In the last three years, no one has been more accurate than Brown. The Near Future Report, his flagship product, allows you, the part-time investor, the ability to make a solid profit during times of uncertainty with the COVID-19 lockdown and ongoing restrictions.

When it comes to the next big tech trends with the potential for huge gains, Brown is the clear winner.

Who is Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research?

Jeff Brown can be best described as the founder, head writer, and chief investment analyst for Brownstone Research, a company focused on bringing up-to-date investment news and advice in markets which you can profit by through key moves in the stock market. Before he created Brownstone Research, Brown spent over 25 years serving as a high-technology executive in the exact markets he currently does his research and analysis on.

One such example of his experience is Brown was a key fixture at an executive level for respected technology companies. Examples of those types of companies are: Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks.

Brown leads heavily on companies that rely on artificial intelligence to ramp up sales and manufacturing processes, so when the boom hits, demand can be met. As an early-stage trader, these are the companies Brown seeks to inform his readers about.

What is the #1 5G stock?

You'll have to subscribe to The Near Future Report to get this information as it is a paid service. It's just $49 with a full money-back guarantee.

We have found the information key to push our own research into areas we had never considered.

What happened to Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is alive and well (despite any rumors to the contrary) and is the founder of Brownstone Research, specializing in investment information and advice in the tech sector and biotech markets.

What is a good penny stock to invest in?

Answer is coming soon.

What is a Pre-IPO Code?

These can be best described as investment opportunities before the public is allowed to invest. In other words, these are exactly the investments when you hear someone say "ground floor opportunity."

However, when you hear most people say this, they are attempting to get you into an MLM "investment" which is usually far from a legitimate investment according to our experience.

Common sense dictates that if the product or service was so good, it would be available through normal distribution channels. The lie, these types of companies make is "our service and products are of such high quality, they would be priced out of the market" if they went through traditional channels.

That's a lie.

In scenarios such as this, you aren't a rep for the company, but rather the customer. They are just selling the product to you at an inflated "wholesale" price.

"Ground Floor Investment" opportunities are when you can buy stock in the company BEFORE they go public.

Because of this, these companies are not traded through exchanges or have stock ticker symbols.

How do I get Pre-IPO?

There are many stockbrokers and financial advisors who can assist you in getting invested in a company BEFORE their shares become public. 

If you have an opportunity to get involved before the shares are available, it could be extremely lucrative for you. A pre ipo code play could be your ticket to early retirement.

What are Five tech stock predictions from Brown in 2021?

Making a prediction for 2021 in the popular tech stock market is something many companies would rather avoid. 

What is genetic editing used for?

This process allows scientists the ability to edit or alter the DNA of an organism. This ability can be performed on not just animals, but plants and even bacteria.

Editing DNA alters how the edited organism directly affects the physical traits. For example, eye color can be modified in something that you CAN see, whereas, modifying the risk of disease would be an example of a trait you could not see.

What is The Legacy Report?

The Legacy Report is the nickname given to The Near Future Report, written by Jeff Brown, published by Brownstone Research, and distributed by Legacy Research Group.